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Investor Relations


Shareholders of the Company and investors are requested to make all inquiries by e-mail.
Thank you for your cooperation.

How To Contact Us

  • ・When contacting us, please use the "Inquiry" button for questions regarding our services and inquiries concerning business matters and news coverage, etc.
  • ・All efforts will be made to respond to inquiries promptly. However, an immediate response may not be possible depending on the content of the inquiry.
  • ・Moreover, a response may not be possible depending on the content of the inquiry. Please take note that the Investor Relations Department is unable to answer inquiries of the following kinds.
    • ・Questions concerning non-public information (trends in current business performance, etc.)
    • ・Questions that potentially correspond to "Material Fact" pursuant to Article 166 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (shareholder returns, measures concerning shares of the Company, etc.)
    • ・Questions relating to share price movements in the stock market (share price trends, share trading techniques, etc.)
    • ・Messages amounting to defamation (baseless allegations, statements damaging to a person's or the Company's reputation, etc.)
    • ・Inquiries for the purpose of sales or solicitation for business (solicitation to buy a specific service, etc.)
    • ・Personal information entered into the inquiry form will be handled with the greatest care.Please read our privacy policy concerning the handling of personal information by the Company.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please send your inquiry from here.

Privacy Policy

internet infinity INC. (the "Company") engages in a wide range of eldercare services in a society marked by demographic aging.
The Company engages in the provision of eldercare services and information services in recognition of the Company's mission to create a world with high-quality eldercare. To this end, in advancing the Company's engagement in these services, by achieving the application of information technology at the actual eldercare site, the Company supports the occupational practice of eldercare professionals and medical professionals through the referral of personnel to the eldercare and medical care industries and the provision of information.
In the execution of these services, the Company handles the personal information of large numbers of customers and employees.
In recognition of the fact that personal information handled by the Company is both precious to their owners and also an important asset and resource of new value creation by the Company, the Company pledges to engage in appropriate personal information protection efforts in accordance with the fundamental policies set out below.

(1) In holding (acquiring) personal information associated with the execution of eldercare related services, the Company will engage in no inappropriate, unlawful treatment.
In using and providing personal information, the Company will observe its acquisition procedures and protocols and comply with the rules for supervision to prevent the use of personal information other than for its original purpose.

(2) The Company identifies relevant laws and regulations concerning personal information, standards established by the State, and such other norms, takes measures to ensure that these rules can at all times be referenced by employees, constantly keeps current on revisions of laws, regulations, and norms, and practices the observance of all of the above.

(3) In order to prevent leakage, destruction, or damage of personal information, the Company conducts appropriate risk analysis and plans security measures at regular intervals, implements appropriate security measures, and takes preventive and corrective steps.

(4) To ensure that complaints and inquiries concerning personal information are promptly addressed, the Company appoints designated personnel charged with this task.
Additionally, for the general public the Company makes public announcements in an easy-to-understand manner through its corporate website, brochures, and reception function, and stands ready to take action when requested.

(5) The Company creates, implements, maintains, and constantly improves management systems for the protection of personal information, and works to continuously upgrade those systems.

Established: August 1, 2005
Revised: September 30, 2010
internet infinity INC.
Representative director, Keiichi Beck